How to upload and sell your designs on print on demand marketplaces like Redbbuble, Teespring and Merch by Amazon

Section 3: Selling on print on demand platforms and marketplaces

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So far you learned about researching niches and creating profitable print on demand designs. Now you’ll learn how to upload and sell your designs on different print on demand platforms and marketplaces. There’s work involved in it, so how can this be described as a passive income source?


Well, first of all you’re reading this on a website called “somewhat passive income” not “100% passive income” 😉 There’s always some work involved especially when building a new passive income source. 


But seriously, the key to making this a passive income source is to make sure there’s traffic of people that will find your print on demand designs and buy them without you having to work for it. 


Where do you think there are already people searching to buy products with great designs on them? On different print on demand marketplaces that specialize in print on demand.


There are many of these print on demand platforms out there and you only need to decide which marketplace you wish to work with and learn how to upload your designs to it and sell your products.

So let’s learn how to do it.


Table of Contents

The top websites to earn money with print on demand


Learn about the top options where you can sell your print on demand designs and what are the pros and cons of each. 


Some can offer you extremely high profit potential, but with added work effort and money risk, while others offer you a more passive way of earning your income. Which do you prefer? 

Video owner: Wholesale Ted

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Tips before you watch:

  • Look for the difference between a marketplace that offers you all the required services and allows for the most “passive” way of making money VS building your own store that requires you to handle customer support and find the POD supplier but on the other hand offers other pros


    • Video length: 18:36 minutes out of 20:02
    • Start time:  1:11  
    • End time:   19:47


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Redbubble, Teespring and Merch by Amazon are marketplaces that also fully handle the manufacturing, shipping, and customer support, which make them a great option for a passive income source. 

Etsy and Shopify require you to integrate with a 3rd party POD supplier and manage your own store and customer support. They require more work and have an initial setup cost. However, if you are not looking for passive income and willing to put in some extra work and risk, these option allow higher margins and profits if done right.  

A good approach may be to test your designs and kick off your way into POD using the first marketplaces and then if you wish to scale and expand switch to your own store model.


Redbubble offers you traffic, fulfillment, shipping, and customer support without any special requirement. You can literally focus on uploading designs and let them do the rest.

Teesping requires you will drive the first few sales and only then they start driving their own traffic to your designs. Merch by Amazon is hard to get into and has tiers that limit the amount of designs you can upload until you make enough sales. 



Key takeaways:

Top 5 sites to earn money from print on demand:



Pros: Focus your work only on creating and uploading designs and they will do the rest

Cons: Lower profit potential due to competition and margins



Pros: High profit margins and access to many buyers

Cons: Fees, upfront costs, more complex setup as an integration with a 3rd party supplier is needed, you handle customer support



Pros: Like Redbubble, focus only on your designs once you have a few first sales and they will do the rest

Cons: You must generate the first few sales by yourself in order to gain Teespring “trust score” and appear in their marketplace



Pros: High profit margins and profit potential as you own the store and able to sell more of your products to the same people because there are no competition when someone is in your store

Cons: Upfront monthly cost, more complex setup, you handle customer support


Merch by Amazon

Pros: The largest eCommerce website in the world, they handle everything for you and you only focus on designs.

Cons: Hard to get accepted and they have a tier system that prevents you from uploading a lot of designs before you get some sales so it may take more time to start generating profits

Selling Print on Demand designs on Redbubble


Redbubble is one of the leading print on demand online marketplaces in the world and therefore offers a great earning potential for anyone who wishes to sell their designs on print on demand products. 


Want to earn a passive income from print on demand? Let Redbubble do the ongoing marketing and customer service for you. The reason Redbubble is such a popular platform is that it actively promotes uploaded designs, outside of its platform. It uses paid advertising on Google and other sites which get more people to know about Redbubble marketplace and also help designers to gain more exposure for their designs for free. 


The fact that Redbubble is also one of the largest POD marketplaces out there, means that as a designer, more people can find your designs when they search the marketplace for products.


Opening an account and storefront in Redbubble is completely free. It’s very simple and when you upload your design it will immediately be available on many types of products. Since all you need to do is to upload your designs. It is a great way to earn passive income. It’s probably the easiest marketplace to work with for that matter. 

Redbubble tutorial – how to sell on Redbubble


The video bellow will cover the following:

  • What is Redbubble?
  • How to set up a Redbubble profile?
  • How to create Redbubble art on Canva?
  • How to upload art to Redbubble?
  • Redbubble commissions

Video owner: Marguerite Faure

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Tips before you watch:

  • This video shows you full step by step how to open your store on Redbubble

  • She will walk you through each of the products in the catalog. It can be a bit long. If you feel you want to watch this a bit faster you can use the OVC – One Video Control chrome extension to be able to speed up the video and save some time

  • Some areas and actions require more in depth details and you’ll get them in the videos right after this one!


    • Video length: 22:38 minutes out of 23:03
    • Start time:  0:00  
    • End time:   22:38


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Your only “job” when working with Redbubble is to create and upload great designs to their platform. Once it’s done they’ll take care of exposing your designs to potential customers, manufacturing and shipping the products, and they will handle any customer service needs. 


Each product has a base price Redbubble will charge. On top of that you can choose what will be your margin (also known as commission or royalty). The way to do it is by defining the price markup on each product. The default markup is 20%.



Key takeaways:

Setting up a Redbubble profile is extremely easy and along with the fact that it is one of the leading print on demand marketplaces in the world, it is recommended to give it a try and consider it as part of your print on demand journey and your passive income strategy. 

How to create patterns, collections and enable hidden items on Redbubble


There are several options and abilities within Redbubble that are not always straight forward. This video will walk you through some of them: 

  • How to create patterns?
  • How to enable all redbubble items?
  • How to create collections?
  • How to organically promote your Redbubble designs?


Video owner: Marguerite Faure

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Tips before you watch:

  • The end of the video talks about how to promote your designs. Basically this is completely optional. You can sell on Redbubble without any promotional activity from your end and be very successful. However, if you wish to increase the likelihood of people finding and buying your designs you can do some promotional activities.


    • Video length: 8:47 minutes out of 21:07
    • Start time:  11:26 
    • End time:   20:13

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Check your understanding:

Not all items are selected by default. For example when you enable “standard print clothing” you will need to specifically add “Kids Clothes” and “Toddler Pullover Hoodie” if you wish your design to be available on these products.


Redbubble Tags – how to use tags to help increase views and sales on Redbubble


Redbubble tags are an extremely important tool to increase Redbubble sales. Without using tags properly, you are risking “leaving money on the table”. 

Tags help people find your designs, and the correct tags help the most relevant people find your designs, which will lead to higher chances of them actually buying your designs. 

Video owner: Detour Shirts

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Tips before you watch:

  • There are several methods of finding relevant and good tags. This video will walk you through the most common and effective.


    • Video length: 13:22 minutes out of 16:00
    • Start time:  1:08  
    • End time:   14:30

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Check your understanding:

  • Tags are the way for you to tell Redbubble what your design is all about. So when people will use Redbubble search engine to look for designs your design will appear for the most relevant results. 


  • Without tags the only way for Redbubble to know how to classify your design is your title and that has very limited space and should be very focused which means it will not allow broader search terms to show your designs as well.
  • Do not use the product or type as your tag. 
  • Do not spam and use irrelevant words
  • Do not use full sentences


Key takeaways:

Redbubble tags are important to increasing your sales and success on Redbubble. Make sure you invest the time to add the correct tags for each of your designs. Otherwise less people will find your designs and therefore less chances for you to make extra sales and money.

Finding relevant good tags is not hard. You can use several of the mentioned methods. Remember that eventually, you have all the information you need right inside Redbubble.

How to create sticker packs for Redbubble


Sticker packs offer a unique opportunity to create more value for people using the same product (sticker) and at a similar price.

In the video below you’ll learn how to create them yourself.

Video owner: TheMoneyGame

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Tips before you watch:

  • This video will show you how to create image based sticker packs. Text based are exactly the same, but with text 🙂 


    • Video length: 8:28 minutes out of 10:09
    • Start time:  0:40  
    • End time:   9:08


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Check your understanding:

  • Sticker packs allow you to be more competitive in smaller niches. That is because people will get more value for their money. Instead of getting one sticker they can get several stickers for the same price.


  • If you find a niche where there are almost no sticker packs when you search for stickers in that niche, it means that by adding a sticker pack you’ll get the competitive advantage. This may get you more sales than your competition that is using only single stickers.


  • When designing a sticker pack for Redbubble you should pay attention to the space between the different designs. If the designs are too close together Redbubble will connect them to one sticker instead of creating them as separate stickers.


  • It is recommended to have your design enabled on as many products as possible. In order to optimize and make your design look good on other products use the pattern option for all products that have it available. Remember that you can control the size of the design and use it to adjust it so it will look great as a pattern!


Key takeaways:

Sticker packs allow you to bring more value for money to Redbubble users. This can help give you a competitive advantage in certain niches and it can improve your chances of selling stickers in general.


How to sell official fan art on Redbubble


Using the Redbubble partner program, sellers can create and sell officially licensed fan art designs for their favorite brands. 

The Redbubble partner program will connect you with popular brands so you can create, design and share your inspired fan art with the world.

Watch the video below to see how to start.

Video owner: TheMoneyGame

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • Link to the list of brands on the Redbubble partner program is below the video.


    • Video length: 8:18 minutes out of 10:03
    • Start time:  0:56  
    • End time:   9:14

Related links from the video:

Check your understanding:

  • No. Each brand has its own guidelines. You should pay attention to each specific guidelines for the brand you choose in order to get accepted.


  • It can take five or more weeks to review your fan art submissions. 


Key takeaways:

As you know, you are not allowed to infringe on copyrighted or trademarked content. The Redbubble Partner Program allows you to design and sell officially licensed fan art to people that are already passionate about the theme of your design. This offers a unique opportunity.

Why and how to setup Google Analytics for Redbubble


Let’s say you uploaded 50 designs to your Redbubble account. Maybe some are selling some are not. Can you tell if the designs that are not selling, are not getting enough people to view them or maybe they are simply not good enough?


If you had known that a design is getting a lot of traffic but almost no one buys it, will it be a good idea to add another different design that may be more appealing to the people that find your design? Of course! 


But how will you know how many people are seeing each of your designs? How will you know if you happen to find a great niche people are looking for and you are able to get traffic for it?


The answer is Google Analytics. This tool will help you see which of your designs is getting traffic and which isn’t. Once you know and have the data you can start making smarter decisions.


In the videos below you’ll learn how to set up Google Analytics for Redbubble and how to analyze the data. 

Video owner: Ryan Hogue Passive Income

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • Follow the step by step explanation to link Redbubble with Google Analytics

  • Pay attention to how to analyze the data and get some insights, it’s the whole reason for setting up Google Analytics in the first place


    • Video length: 9:39 minutes out of 12:18
    • Start time:  1:50  
    • End time:   11:29


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Check your understanding:

  • The earliest date you can see data for, will be the date you set up Google Analytics in Redbubble. Anything that happened before that date was not recorded in Google Analytics and therefore will not be shown.


  • Google Analytics is a separate tool than Redbubble. When you wish to see traffic data from Google Analytics you will need to go to Google Analytics dashboard.


  • In Google Analytics go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages, this wil show you traffic data on each of your product pages.


  • You can learn which design gets more views


  • You can learn which product gets more viewers with a specific design


  • You can see how much time people spend on your product pages. More time means they are interested and exploring and checking it more thoroughly.


  • All the above can lead to several insights like: have you found a niche you can create more designs for? Do people like a specific type of product you can optimize your designs for? Should you “waste” your time creating more designs similar to designs that aren’t getting any traffic? Etc..

Key takeaways:

The more data you have, the better decisions you’ll make. You need data in order to have information that you can base your decisions upon. Google Analytics helps get more data from your Redbubble activity. Make sure to use it. 

It is also a motivation booster to see people are actually viewing and checking the designs you’ve made. 

Be sure not to fall under this quote made by Suhail Doshi –  “Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.”

How to upload designs to Redbubble 95% faster


The more designs you have live, the better chances you have to make sales. And a lot of them. 

Uploading new designs to Redbubble takes time. So how can you improve the process and make it more efficient and faster? Watch the video below.

Video owner: TheMoneyGame

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • The initial part of this video will go through a regular upload process and show you how to adjust your design on each product. It’s similar to the video we already watched about how to upload to Redbubble. However there are some extra tips that weren’t covered before and will also help you to set up everything properly to the faster process.

  • If you do not wish to see the initial part you can skip to 15:34


    • Video length: 16:46 minutes out of 19:53
    • Start time:  2:03  
    • End time:   18:49


Check your understanding:

  • You need to make sure the design you are uploading and the design you are copying its settings have similar dimensions, and if possible, have the new design placed at the same location as the previous one. 


You will need to update the title, tags and description. That’s all.


Key takeaways:

The more designs you have on Redbubble, higher your chances to succeed. The above process helps you use your time more efficiently and have more designs in less time! It’s good to plan and think about how you can do it for as many designs possible.

In section 4 – “Increasing your profits from your print on demand designs we will take it to the next level and you’ll learn how to fully automate your upload process to multiple platforms. 


Summary: Selling on Redbubble


Redbubble is one of the leading print on demand marketplaces in the world. It is very simple and fast to join and start and they do most of the work for you, including promoting some of your designs and helping you sell more. This is a true passive income opportunity and a great place to learn the basics of Print on Demand.


Selling Print on Demand designs on Merch by Amazon


Have you ever thought you’ll be able to sell your designs by letting Amazon show them to their customers?


Amazon is the top online marketplace in the world with over 5.5 Billion visits per month. Fortunately Amazon has its own print on demand service called Merch by Amazon that you can use to tap into the massive audience that comes each month to buy on Amazon. 


The highest paying customers are Amazon “Prime” members. At the moment, there are over 112 Million Prime members in the US alone and they spend on average more than twice than non prime members. Since Merch by Amazon is fully handled by Amazon, all the print on demand products are “prime eligible” and therefore will offer Prime members the same benefits they used to get on other products. 


This means Amazon print on demand products are truly relevant to all of Amazon customers, even the highest paying customers, which is a huge opportunity for you. 


Merch by Amazon has its own tips, tricks and policies to follow. Taking advantage of this marketplace will require you to learn a little bit about it and how to manage your account and listing.


This is what you are going to see in the videos below. 

What is Merch by Amazon? 

Merch by Amazon is a print on demand service offered by Amazon. It allows sellers to create and list product designs on Amazon for free. There are no upfront costs and you get paid royalties when a customer buys your products.

How to get accepted to Merch by Amazon?

In order to get accepted to Merch by Amazon you need to fill an application to tell Amazon more about your background and experience and then wait to get invited to the platform.  

In the video below you’ll learn more about Merch by Amazon, how to complete the application process and how to get accepted.

Video owner: Ryan Hogue Passive Income

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • At the beginning of the video you’ll hear again a short explanation of what print on demand is. It’s very short and it’s aimed toward Amazon.


  • You’ll hear that at first, Amazon limits you to only 10 uploads. This is Merch by Amazon tier system and you’ll learn more about it in the next video.


  • If Amazon does not support payments to your bank country, check the video right after for an easy solution.


    • Video length: 14:17 minutes out of 21:46
    • Start time:  5:28  
    • End time:   19:45


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Check your understanding:

  • Yes you can. However in order to start uploading designs to Amazon you need to wait to be approved and invited by Merch by Amazon. If you didn’t get invited within a month, make sure to apply again! Don’t give up.
  • First thing is where you live. If you live in the US you’re set, otherwise depending on the country you may need to get a tax ID. 


  • Other than that you should state in the additional information box anything that will show you are serious about being a creator for Merch by Amazon products. Mention past experience, tools you use and that you already made some effort to be part of the Merch by Amazon creators by reading the TOS and downloading the Merch design templates


Key takeaways:

People love Amazon and trust Amazon’s brand. By using Merch by Amazon program you get a chance to sell as one of the most loved and trusted brands in the world. This is a huge opportunity to tap into a massive customer base that already searches to buy print on demand products on Amazon. 

 The first step is to get accepted so what are you waiting for? Apply now and continue watching the videos below to learn about:

  • Merch by Amazon tier system
  • How to create a listing
  • How to research winning designs for Merch by Amazon
  • How to optimize your listings so people will find your designs
  • Key info on Merch by Amazon’s content policy

Merch by Amazon doesn’t support payments to your country? Here’s a solution


Don’t let the fact that Amazon doesn’t support payments to your country, stop you from earning extra passive income using Merch by Amazon. There’s an easy solution for this by a company called Payoneer. Check the short video below.

Video owner: Payoneer

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • Less than a minute on a perfect solution to get paid when Amazon doesn’t transfer payments to your country


    • Video length: 0:55 minutes out of 0:55
    • Start time:  0:00  
    • End time:   0:55


Related links from the video:

Key takeaways:

Even if Amazon doesn’t support payments to your country you can still sell on Merch by Amazon with the help of Payoneer.

What is the Merch by Amazon tier system and how to move up from the lower tiers


In order to provide the best experience for customers of products created in Merch by Amazon, Amazon will limit the amount of designs you could upload based on tiers of designs. The Amazon merch team will review designers who have sold the same amount of products as the number of their tier in order to decide if they can move up to a higher tier. 


Tiers for example are: 10 → 25 → 100 → 500 → ….


The video below will explain about the Merch by Amazon tier system and how to get out of the lower tiers.

Video owner: RJ Martinez

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • One of the points in this video is to “learn the algorithm”. It sounds complicated, but it’s not. You’ll learn how to list new items and what to do in order to increase sales in the next videos.


    • Video length: 9:41 minutes out of 12:26
    • Start time:  2:40  
    • End time:   12:21


Related links from the video:

Check your understanding:

  • Your main focus should be on getting out of the lower tiers and into the higher tiers. In order to do so you should NOT focus on profits at first.


  • As you tier up you’ll get more design room. You’ll be able to upload more of your designs on more of the available products. The more “real estate” you have on Amazon pages, the higher the chances someone will find your designs and choose to buy them. With the lower tier you are so limited that it will take a lot of time to test and find out which designs can be your best sellers.


  • Buy some of your own shirts, approach local businesses and make a design for them, ask family and friends


Key takeaways:

The lower tiers of Merch by Amazon are very limiting. It’s extremely hard to find successful designs when you can’t publish and test your designs. Therefore as long as you’re in the lower tiers of Merch by Amazon you should mainly focus on getting out of those tiers to the higher tiers where you can test many designs and start building a more stable passive income. 

Merch by Amazon – How to upload your designs and list new products


This is a walkthrough of the process of uploading new designs to Merch by Amazon and creating a listing with title and description.

Here are the current artwork dimensions Merch by Amazon use:


4500px by 5400px

  • T-shirts – front and back
  • Women’s v-neck t-shirt – front and back
  • Baseball t-shirts – front and back
  • Tank tops – front and back
  • Long sleeve t-shirts – front and back
  • Crewneck sweatshirt – front and back
  • Pullover & Zip Hoodie – back only


4500px by 4050px

  • Pullover Hoodies – front only
  • Zip Hoodies – front only


485px by 485px

  • PopSockets only


1800px x 3200px

  • iPhone and Samsung Phone cases


2925px x 2925px

  • Tote Bag
  • Throw pillows


All artwork should also meet these specifications:

  • sRGB (color format)
  • Transparent PNG (file format)
  • File size does not exceed 25MB (file size)

Video owner: Jason Gandy

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • When you’re on tier 10 you will not be able to select as many products as shown in the video. You’ll need to choose and narrow it down until you move up the tier system. 


  • In order for people to actually find your designs you need to list designs people actually search for. You’ll learn how to use keywords and optimize your listings in next videos. 


    • Video length: 4:45 minutes out of 8:40
    • Start time:  3:41  
    • End time:   8:26


Related links from the video:

Check your understanding:

  • Pay attention that you meet all the necessary specifications and dimensions, and follow the content policy (which you’ll learn more about later on).

How to use keywords in your Merch by Amazon listing – let people find your designs on Amazon’s search results!


Why is choosing the right keywords super important for your success? 

Because when someone is looking to buy a product on Amazon they search for it in the Amazon search bar. The search results are of products that are related to the searched term.


How does Amazon know those are related products? Because those products have related keywords written in their title, brand and bullet points!

If you want people to find your designs you need to know how to use the correct keywords in your product listing.

Video owner: Merch Campus

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • This video uses the old Uploader but has really valuable information, so ignore the look of the listing page and pay attention to the explanation on how to use the keywords

    • Video length: 7:28 minutes out of 12:50
    • Start time:  0:37  
    • End time:   8:05


Related links from the video:

Check your understanding:

  • Merch informer – keyword finder module. He search the general keyword and found a phrase with low competition and high enough searches per month


  • Try to use the main keyword multiple times. In the title and in the brand and/or in the bullets. 


  • Keep your text readable with good user experience. Do not stuff keywords just to have many keywords on your listing. This will have a negative effect on your listings.


  • Check some of the competitors reviews and see how people talk about the product. Use the same language as they do. 


Key takeaways:

Without adding the right keywords to your Merch listing you are wasting your time. The right people, those who are looking to buy a design like yours, will not find you without you using the right keywords in the correct places. 


Think of this tutorial and how you are supposed to build your listing – this will help you in your keyword research as well. If you should put the most important keyword in your title, so will your competition. You can learn from the best listings by looking and finding the keywords they use. 

3 Niche research tools for Merch by Amazon


Niche research tools can expedite your way to find successful design ideas that are selling on Amazon and find relevant keywords. Here you see a review of 3 tools:


  • Merch Informer
  • Merch Ninja
  • Search Merch tool

Video owner: Ryan Hogue Passive Income

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • This is a general overview of relevant and helpful tools. Detailed tutorials can be found in the next section under – Print on demand tools to streamline your process

  • BSR is an important metric when you sell on Amazon and it is used a lot in videos related to selling on Amazon. BSR stands for “Best Sellers Rank”. The best seller in a category is #1 so the lower the BSR number the better the product sells in the specified category.

  • There are hundreds of millions of products selling on Amazon so having a BSR lower than 100,000 for example, is actually quite good.


    • Video length: 18:41 minutes out of 21:49
    • Start time:  2:15  
    • End time:   20:56


Related links from the video:

Check your understanding:

  • BSR stands for Best Sellers Rank. The lower the BSR the better. BSR of 1 is the best selling product in the category so low BSR is very good.


  • It means it got no sales on Amazon. 


Key takeaways:

The nice thing about Amazon is that they share some metrics that can be used to better analyze niches, designs and competition. Metrics like BSR, number of search results etc.. 

This is why there are some great tools that help collect and analyze all of Merch by Amazon data and generate some great insights for you to be able to decide whether or not to create designs for a certain topic or nich and find the most relevant keywords.

More in depth review of how to use each tool can be found in the next section – Increasing your profits from your print on demand designs.

Top 5 reasons for getting your designs rejected by Merch by Amazon


Amazon has a very strict policy when it comes to allowed designs on the Merch by Amazon platform. Be sure to read and follow the policy. Too many rejected designs can cause your account to be disabled and all your work will be wasted. It is not worth the risk. 


In the video below you’ll hear about the top 5 reasons for being rejected even if you did it by mistake. Try to avoid those.

Video owner: Detour Shirts

* Somewhat Passive Income does not endorse nor is endorsed by the video owner.


Tips before you watch:

  • The video highlights 5 reasons, but you should read the full policy in order to fully comply with it. 


    • Video length: 10:29 minutes out of 11:11
    • Start time:  0:15  
    • End time:   10:44


Related links from the video:

Check your understanding:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Human tragedy 
  • Youth size policy – when you choose the youth size there’s an added policy you need to follow
  • Inaccurate product metadata
  • No. If they are infringing trademarks or copyrights, they may have not been rejected yet, and will be soon. Or maybe they own the trademark. Relying on other designs on the Amazon platform is not a good idea. Check for trademarks and follow the policy by yourself.


Key takeaways:

Since Merch by Amazon offers such a great opportunity for POD sellers it is not a good idea to risk losing your Merch account. Amazon is strict with it’s policy. The content policy document is not very long so make sure you read it. 

Summary: Selling on Merch by Amazon 


Have you ever thought you’ll be able to sell your designs by letting Amazon show them to their customers? Well I’m sure that by now you did. And rightfully so, this is one of the largest opportunities for a true passive income stream.

Over 5.5 Billion visits per month and over 112 Million Amazon Prime members are a dream when it comes to letting people find and see your designs. And the best thing, it’s free. 


After reviewing this section, it’s time to take action. Go to Merch by Amazon and request an invitation. In order to reach your goals you can take one step at a time. Now is the time for the next step.

Good luck.

Summary of selling on print on demand platforms and marketplaces


There are so many platforms that allow you to sell print on demand products that it may be confusing. In this section you’ve heard of the top platforms that can help you build an extra revenue stream. 


Learning about the steps to build a POD business is awesome. However, in order to really learn and know what to do, you need to take action. Choose one platform and start your journey. You’ll find out that as you go you start building your new passive income stream.


Everything you learned in the previous 3 sections is all you really need to know in order to earn extra POD income. In the next section, you’ll find some tips and methods that can help you increase your profits in less time. 


If you haven’t already, make sure to save this website and share it with your friends. See you in the next section. Section 4 – Increasing your profits from your print on demand designs

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