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In the vast digital realm, where design and income potential intertwine, Vexels emerges as a beacon for those seeking to monetize their creative endeavors. But how does one harness the power of Vexels to generate that coveted extra income? Let’s dive deep in this Vexels review, shall we?

What is Vexels?

Vexels is not just another design stock library. It’s a platform tailored for Print on Demand (POD) sellers, offering a plethora of design assets and tools. Initially starting as a premium design stock library, Vexels quickly adapted to the demands of the POD space, positioning itself as a design fulfillment service provider for POD businesses. homepage

Vexels Offerings: More than Just Designs

Extensive Design Library: With over 80,000 pre-made design assets, including illustrations, patterns, and icon sets, Vexels ensures you’re never short of design inspiration.

Online Tools: Vexels isn’t just about static designs. It offers tools like the T-shirt Design Maker, Mockup Generator, and Logo Maker, making the design process seamless and efficient.

Making Money with Vexels

For Print on Demand Sellers: Vexels is a goldmine. With its vast library and tools, creating professional-looking POD designs becomes a breeze. From t-shirt designs to book covers for Kindle Direct Publishing entrepreneurs, Vexels has it all.

Custom Design Requests: Can’t find a specific design? No worries. Vexels allows you to submit design requests, and their team will craft it exclusively for you. It’s like having a personal designer on standby!

NFT Market: With the NFT space booming, Vexels is gearing up to serve this market, opening up another avenue for income generation.

Unique Features of Vexels

Ready-made Designs: Vexels offers designs that are ready to be customized and used on various POD platforms, including Amazon Merch on Demand. This ensures a quick turnaround for sellers.

Original Creations: All designs on Vexels are originally made by their in-house design team, ensuring uniqueness and quality.

 Comprehensive Access: Subscribers get full access to POD-licensed vectors, PNGs, PSDs, and Illustrator files, catering to any niche of interest.

Merch Licenses: Every download from Vexels comes with a Merch license, ensuring you have the rights to use the design for your business.

Online T-shirt Maker & Mockup Generator: Exclusive to subscribers, these tools simplify the design process, allowing users to create and visualize their products seamlessly.

Pricing and Plans

Vexels offers a range of pricing options, from individual licenses to Merch and Design subscriptions. The flexibility ensures that whether you’re a newbie in the POD industry or a seasoned seller, there’s a plan tailored for you.

The Licensing Nuance

While Vexels offers a clear commercial usage license, it’s essential to understand the nuances. If you stop your Vexels subscription, you lose your license to sell for all previous designs downloaded during your subscription. However, workarounds like purchasing a single design license or a lifetime licensing option are available.

Maximizing Vexels for Income

Stay Updated: Vexels frequently updates its content, ensuring you’re always in sync with the latest design trends.

Leverage the T-shirt Maker: This tool simplifies the t-shirt design process, allowing you to create unique designs in a jiffy.

Dive into Resources: Vexels offers articles and insights on succeeding in merch-based businesses, from branding to understanding industry trends.

Why Choose Vexels?

Speed and Efficiency: With Vexels, the design process is accelerated, allowing you to focus on selling.

Quality Designs: Vexels ensures that all designs are of top-notch quality, crafted by their in-house team of artists and designers.

Customer Support: With a responsive customer support team and an extensive FAQ section, Vexels ensures you’re never left in the lurch.

Vexels review - Conclusion

In the world of design and e-commerce, Vexels stands out as a platform that not only offers quality designs but also tools and resources to monetize these designs effectively. Whether you’re a seasoned POD seller or just starting, Vexels offers the tools, resources, and support to ensure you unlock that extra income potential.

Unlock your design potential and monetize your creativity with Vexels. Dive into the world of designs, tools, and resources tailored for success. Check it out here.

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