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I’ve had enough.

I love the idea of passive income and I really enjoy learning about new methods of achieving a passive income. But I’ve had enough with overpriced online courses, when their owners are much better at marketing and selling their courses, than actually educating and delivering value.


Don’t get me wrong, paying for a good course does have its benefits. It saves much valuable time and sometimes even money. It’s simply hard to tell what’s a good course before you actually know more about a subject. And unfortunately, most courses cost too much money for their value.

On the other hand, and I know I’m contradicting myself… not following a course may cost you the entire opportunity.


When you don’t follow a course, you need to waste time on unstructured information that you need to search for, and then decide if the info is relevant or if you’re missing some basic knowledge. This search for knowledge will take you out of the “getting things done“, “reaching my goal” mindset and will drift your attention and energy to building your knowledge instead of building your income.

So what are you to do?


Courses cost too much money and learning by yourself costs too much time. Should you give up?

I’ve felt the same over and over again. Sometimes I bought the course and other times I learned by myself and there were even times I did both! Until I’ve had enough.


I decided it’s time for me to do something about it and this is why I created


This blog is where you’ll be able to find curated courses with:

  • Structured step by step content to help you build new passive income streams
  • Hand picked content that actually adds value and insights
  • Knowledge that is based on people’s experience


Instead of paying hundreds of dollars on a course that is based on one person’s experience, you’ll get a course for free, based on the knowledge of multiple people who’ve actually done it.

Did I mention it’s free? No risk and no fluff.


There’s a reason why I call this blog “Somewhat Passive Income“. Truly passive income is almost a myth. Almost always you’ll need to do something to support your passive income stream and usually building it takes an upfront investment of time and money.


The great thing about passive income streams is that you can get to a point of minimal time investment which at that point you can say you have “somewhat passive” income.


You can read more about it here: What is passive income and how to earn a passive income online?  Or go straight ahead to check out the available free passive income online courses.

Enjoy! 🙂


Here's what's in it for you..

Learn quicker and start earlier

Aim to achieve your passive income goals much sooner. Instead of searching and browsing through YouTube, websites, blogs and more, save time using our structured and curated free courses

Don't get stuck

Do not follow a method that is not right for you. Find unique knowledge shared by different people with different levels of experience. So you could learn several perspectives and proven methods and follow those who feel right to you

Save money

Save your money for what will help you earn more money! Don’t settle on lesser tools or services because you had to waste money on courses. Take advantage of our FREE passive income courses

Available Courses

How to make money with Print on demand (POD)
Print On Demand is one of the best options to sell products online and it requires little to no investment at all to start! This is a great place to start building your next passive income source..
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stop relying on your job for income

Somewhat Passive Income?

Any form of passive income requires some sort of work. At least when starting out. Therefore, it is never fully passive income, rather “somewhat” passive income :)

Somewhat Passive Income creates FREE online passive income courses and content in order to help people like you achieve their dream and goals.

All courses are curated from content around the web from people who actually did it and now share their knowledge with the world

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